Japanese farmers are growing lettuce of the sky in Da Lat, Vietnam.


Kawakami Village is located on the south-east border of Nagano Prefecture. Agriculture is the key industry of the village. Lettuce, cabbage and other kinds of vegetables are grown from July through to November.

They are growing lettuce of the sky in Da Lat. It is also called miraculous vegetable lettuce in Vietnam, and it becomes the topic very much.


Lettuce of the sky is growing in southern Vietnam city. There are approximately 300 kilos away from Ho Chi Minh City of the place of big consumption in Da Lat. Because it is of high altitudes, there is the heat and cold difference of the night and day in the Da Lat plateau. In addition, because the climate which is coolness is suitable for agricultural production, They try it to cultivate the farm products such as a strawberry or a lettuce of high quality with “Japanese brand” using the Japanese technique in whole year, but improvement of the red earth which is firm like concrete is a problem.




They expect mulberry cultivation method of Kawakami Village in Vietnam.

Domestic production has leveled off, their trial fixes its eyes on the expansion of the market by the participation in economic integration and Pacific rim economic partnership agreement (TPP) of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and is to fix it as Japanese vegetables in Vietnam. After their investigating the soil and the quality of the water of Da Lat, weather in detail, and having inspected it, Lacue international of Kawakami Village Co., Ltd. was joint with local corporation An Phu App of Ho Chi Minh in April, 2014 and established joint venture “An Phu-Lacue”.




The vegetables of the Ann Fulda kelp grouper product are sold now in Aeon Mall Co., Ltd. of Ho Chi Minh City, each seven wards of supermarkets, a convenience store (May, 2014).




In the Southeast Asian countries, They demand relief, safe cultivation support of Japan. Because the lettuce of Kawakami Village in particular holds a pesticide and artificial manure in check to half of the standard, it is expected as tradition of safe agricultural methods. “Vietnam is an agricultural state, but, as for the buoy van lamb vice-chief of the bureau of the Lam Dong investment Planning Bureau to have jurisdiction over Da Lat, the technique is poor”. I tell, I adopt a Japanese technique and want to make rapid progress. Because life improvement is expected for people of ASEAN, as well as industrial products, food culture, the transfer of farming technique must keep an eye on it for the action of the young person farmhouse of Kawakami Village.

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