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1.Meat of consumption

Consumptions of the meat of Korea increases every year from 2000.The consumption of the meat per one of 1990 was 19.9 kg, but increased to 31.9 kg in 2000.It became 42.7 kg in Korea in 2013 and became about the same as Japan. There is it, too, and westernization advances in Korea. The consumption of the meat has unique culture.

When they drink liquor, eat meat.,”the pig plate” “the cow fillet” “Calvi an identification part.Other parts are discarded and may become the problem (in the case of a chicken, I do not choose the part).


2.Delivery to an army and food use

When they utilize the armed forces in Korea and purchase stock, there is it.If a problem including the foot-and-mouth disease occurs, and sales fall after it was reported in news, the armed forces purchase it in large quantities and assist a farmer.They almost supply the rice that sales decreased by westernization from the armed forces. It is the supplying such as rice ramen or the rice biscuit and development.


3.The problem of dairy products

The sale of the milk became the problem one month ago. It continued decreasing and recorded the worst in history every year in last year.Stock increased by the powdered milk under the influence of the low birthrate of the milk cow.It is 7,328t in 2,013 years. It is 16,816t in 2,014 years.The sale of the milk decreased by 12% in comparison with the last year. Association of dairy farming reduces volume of production now.

It is my opinion, but, as well as a low birthrate, a thing of processing thinks whether there is not weak, appearing. Korean milk processing hits on only butter, yogurt. There are few Japanese cream puff, cheese, sweets including the cream Bakery.they think about the bread with the substitute of the meal. I think that the reason is because the taste such as dairy products does not fit Korea.When it is heavy taste, most of consumers do taste of dairy products.They eat the sandwiches which the vegetables which are fresher than it were in willingly.In addition, I drink carrot juice in substitution for milk.

It was the recognition that is good for health to drink milk, but it is with a topic, and milk is healthy why, and milk is bad all the time from 2012, or there could be dietetics of the milk, milk and news and the program called the relations of cancer. It is healthy to drink milk and thinks that it is a cause to stagnate of the dairy farming to be bad.



China-Korea FTA is most of the agricultural products does not throw it open.In the case of Korean main agricultural products, I do not negotiate in particular.U.S.A.-Korean FTA,the important point about agriculture was a cow.

The U.S.A Government approached the Korean government about the duty of the cow persistently. It was natural that I ran between result, 2012 through 15 and abolished a duty progressively. As for the duty of the agriculture except it, a duty abolition item became 1,065 immediately in 573 United States in Korea. In the case of a car, it becomes the duty abolition for 16 years. In addition, even U.S.A-Korea FTA was excluded from rice negotiations. I do not join the FTA between many countries called TPP.



There is another problem with the FTA.It is the market opening that it agreed on in Uruguay Round of rice.In Korea which was a developing country, it was reprieved a market opening of rice then.Because duty volume of import was finished every year, a burden of the stock became bigger than the consumption.The opening of the U.S.A market performed 14 years last from January 1, 15. But the tariff rate is determined at 513%.Triggered by this, I announced the anti-U.S.A stability production measure from 2014. I set stable volume of production with 4,150,000 tons.It aims for 506kg per 10ha.

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