My name is Yuki Takahashi. I’m very glad to participate in GIA activities as active member of GIA

  • 2015/10/14
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My name is Yuki Takahashi. I’m very glad to participate in GIA activities as active member of GIA.

I’m student of Tokyo University of Agriculture. I belong to the Department of International Bio-Business Studies, Graduate School of Agriculture. My research topic is rural economy of rice farming in Cambodia.

The primary aim of my study is to clarify the actual condition of the rice farm management of Cambodian village in order to explore a direction of economic progress on a rice farming village in Cambodia. When collecting information, I try to know farmer’s joys and sorrows by staying and working with them.

Usually, Japanese people visit Cambodia to help Cambodian. However, in my case I present myself as a student of agriculture who is interested and want to learn Cambodian agriculture. I learn agricultural technique and knowledges, culture from Rice farmers. They are very important to me as professional teacher of rice. I think visiting research fields and working together with farmers are essential for regional researchers, and become a driving force for my research.

I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to be involved as an active member of GIA.

GIA shares its experiences and ideas about mankind. They gather their wisdom and enormous energy by sending a message of diversity to the world.

In addition, related to GIA, I feel a big expectation that students can interact with people who are engaged in forefront research and positive social activities through this opportunity. And these students have a wide field of vision and realize the importance of communication and as a source of contribution to society.

In my case, I think that Cambodian as well as target countries farming research can send a message of what things are important to agriculture and to the way of life of Japanese people and the entire world, so I’m willing to dedicate part of my life in learning this.

We should make the most of this opportunity!! You and I will be the originating sources!!

I appreciate your continued support!!

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